…………….Rheumatoid Arthritis…………………

May 2011

Got diagnosed with this August 2010 after limping around the south of france on the family holiday (sorry all for being grumpy, tired and swollen in this lovely part of the world). Anyway on my return, and after blood test, xrays and questions the doc gave me the news.

What did I feel ? ┬áNumb at first I guess. My gran, my mothers mum, had RA and was really disabled for most of my formulative years. Would I be the same and what would it mean for my wife and kids ? I’m the provider, that’s my job is it not ? Would I still be able to provide ?

Anyway as I write this 8 months later I’m popping tablets daily, still getting flare ups, but not that bad, but feeling v.tired for about 48 hours after methotrexate. Must see doctor soon and try and change these pills.

Finally got around to starting a blog, why ? not sure really, just wanted to find out what all the fuss is about and I’m confused it seems complicated. One thing I’m not confused about is that my wife Lynn is great…………….

Happy Birthday Lynn……..XXXX